Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis

Lecturer: prof. Ing. Jiří Málek, DrSc.,  Ing. Roman Svoboda, Ph.D.

Course objectives:
An overview of development of calorimetric and thermal analysis methods is given to focus the fundamental aspects of the subject and to show the link between experiments and theory. Practical application of most popular method is illustrated on examples from polymer chemistry, material science and biological sciences. The most imortant part of the course is dedicated to the theory and application of Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Thermomechanical Analysis and their modulated versions. The application of thermal analysis and calorimetry in the study of kinetic processes is thouroughly explained.

History and development of calorimetric instrumants. Basic classification of methods and their application.
Adiabatic and isoperibolic calorimeters.
Combustion and reaction calorimetry
Heat lux calorimetry and microcalorimetry
Diferential thermal analysis (DTA) and Diferential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
Application of DSC in materials science
Temperature modulated DSC
Biokalorimetry and its application in biological sciences
Thermogravimetry and Sample controlled thermal analysis
Thermomechanical analysis and its application in materials engineering
Dynamic termomechanical analysis of viskoelastic materials
Kinetic analysis of thermoanalytical data
Application of calorimetry and dilatometry and their application to study of undercooled liquids dynamics
Recent developments in calorimetry and thermal analysis            


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