Jiří MÁLEK, Věda a jiné lásky [Science and Other Loves], University of Pardubice 2020, 235 pp., ISBN 978-80-7560-307-4

In the preface to a memoir of the prominent Czech chemist Jiří Málek, the historian Milena Lenderová characterized him as a person with a “Renaissance intellectual and cultural scope”, as an expert on history, art history, literature, philosophy and music. This wide range of interests in the humanities of the long-time rector of the University of Pardubice that led another historian to write the present review. (Read more - download PDF review here). You can buy book here (official eshop - University od Pardubice).



Welcome to the Malek group website

We are part of Department of Physical Chemistry at the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. We also work closely with the Group of thermodynamics of the Department of Inorganic Technology.

Our research is focused on nucleation and crystal growth processes in amorphous materials, viscosity behavior and structural relaxation in super-cooled glass-forming liquids.

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